Lahaina Scrimshaw


Matt was raised in New Jersey and at the age of nine, moved with his family to Sante Fe, New Mexico, a city with a rich art culture, both ancient and modern.  With his love for art, and this ideal environment, he began his study of sculpture, etching, lithography, drawing and painting.  In 1976, he moved with his wife, Nancy, to Bellingham, Washington, in search of a change in climate and environment.  Here he attended art classes at Western Washington University and exhibited his paintings in student shows and local exhibitions.  In 1978, Matt was introduced to scrimshaw and as a freelance artist, began working on large pieces, using his experience in oil painting with his new found and ever developing, scrimshaw techniques.  "I have found ivory an enjoyable and exciting medium- each piece having its own character and possibilities."  He still lives in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife, Nancy and their two daughters, Anna and Karin.

Written by Cheryl Konrad — July 18, 2012


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