Lahaina Scrimshaw


Ray Peters was born in Princeton, West Virginia in 1948 but was raised in Hermosa Beach, California.  His artistic talents became apparent at an early age and he was encouraged and given support by his parents to further his efforts in his chosen field, art. In 1971, Ray received several whale's teeth from a relative living on the island of Maui.  Lahaina, a famous whaling port of the pacific in the 1800's seemed a logical choice for Ray's relocation and he moved to Maui in 1972.  He continued teaching himself the meticulous fundamentals of "Scrimshaw", the art of American whalers, and also was involved in extensive research to learn the basics of ships and their rigging.  Ray is an artist member of the American Society of Marine Artists and has received top award recognition from the prestigious Mystic Internationals.  His presentation is historically accurate, for no liberties are taken in the realistic renderings of his subjects.  Marine subjects make up the majority of Ray's work, but he is equally adept at portraying wildlife, Hawaiian history and whimsical themes.  Due to the decreasing supply of sperm whale's teeth, elephant, walrus, hippo and boar tusk ivories, Ray has chosen to utilize the fragments and artifacts of "fossilized" walrus tusks.  This beautiful ivory, after retrieval from its burial ground in Alaska, exhibits delicate color changes subject to the rich mineral deposits in the soil and is the perfect medium of Ray's expertise and rare sensitivity. 

Written by Cheryl Konrad — July 18, 2012


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