Lahaina Scrimshaw


David has been creating unique art items on Maui since 1981.  His mediums of choice are all types of ivory, karat gold, sterling silver, and exotic hardwoods.  In addition to being the Production Manager, Art director and craftsman for Lahaina Scrimshaw, Dave also performs goldsmith services for Jessica's Gems, our sister store.  Just about everything in our stores has been touched by Dave's hands in one way or another.  During his "off hours" he hand carves Hawaiian-style ivory fishhook pendants and does handle conversions on several lines of pocketknives.  In response to customer requests, Dave has made everything from an ivory crucifix to pistol grips.  Restoration of ivory carvings, both contemporary and antique, are another of his specialities.  A natural artistic talent and attention to detail are apparent in everything he does.  Born in Jersey City, NJ in 1956, Dave worked in a variety of blue collar-type jobs before moving to Maui in 1981, where he discovered the artist within himself.  He lives below the slopes of Haleakala in Kihei with his wife, Gracie. 

Written by Cheryl Konrad — July 18, 2012


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