Lahaina Scrimshaw

Lahaina Scrimshaw are dealers in a true American folk art.

The port of Lahaina, Maui, in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, has long been famous for its colorful past, as a haven for Whalers in the wild and fabled 1800's.  It has become the world’s most popular market for excellent scrimshaw.

Lahaina Scrimshaw has been in business since 1978, our artist work on beautiful ancient ivories, fossil walrus and mammoth, many of which have been used as artifacts by the ancient Eskimos. Artifacts such as ice axes, fire starters and sled runners. Our local artists engrave their beautiful works on these pieces which are then displayed and sold from our shops here on Maui. Tradition is the Scrimshanders teacher. As in the days of Mellville, this deeply personal form of artist expression remains a hands on labor.

Please visit us on the beautiful island of Maui and become a part of history by purchasing these one of a kind pieces. 


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